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planetevents is not a conventional event company. We come from entertainment and production backgrounds where artistic and technical expertise join together in bringing events to life, whatever stage or screen they take place on. As event planners and developers, the value of a great guest experience is our currency.

Event Create

Event Conceptualization
Storytelling Strategy
Content Creation
Social Activations
Talent Procurement
Executive Presentation Support
Copywriting + Scripting
Strategic Alliances + Partnerships

Event Design

Creative Direction
Design + Decor
Custom Builds
Interactive Experiences
Scenic Design
Environmental Design + Construction
Exhibit Displays + Signage

Event Producer

Logistics + Planning
Audio Visual, Lighting + Staging
Technical Direction + Production Labor
Venue Sourcing
Permitting, Health + Safety
Travel + Transportation Management
Registration Management


Our creative process is why our events are successful

What makes an event truly memorable is the creative production that leads to the unique experiences and feelings your attendees will have. But what is a creative production?

When it comes to planning, logistics are only half the work. The creative production, on the other hand, involves the creation, focused mainly on what your guests will see, feel, and think. It’s the fairy-tale part of the event that makes attending an event so exciting. To achieve a good production that will actually move your guests, you need a well-defined concept.

A strong concept seeks to play on the imagination of your target group, exciting their sense of fantasy and exploiting the zone of uncertainty which exists between curiosity and confusion. The gradual buildup of tension and excitement ensures a lasting effect.

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Our design process...it's all about details

The basics of event planning is the process of creating a vision for an event and then designing all of the visual details to transform the space and tie it all together – from the invitations and decor, to the activities and even the food presentation. Whether it be a corporate party, product launch event, or an awards presentation, we, the event company make it a point to learn and take inspiration from the clients to create a beautiful, memorable, and well-designed event.

We provide creative visual ideas that bring a cohesive theme (or as we like to call it, brand/style) to your event, and we, of course, help you make it happen by sourcing, creating, or crafting those details for you! 

Additional Services

Event organiser


production process, no room for errors

Designing a live event stage brings many challenges that require creative thinking and fresh ideas to please any audience. Experienced event production specialists are skilled with incorporating classic stage design techniques with innovative ideas and advanced technology. 

Advanced technology with audiovisual solutions is required to accommodate a large crowd and engage the entire audience. Layering multiple screens on the stage presents a high-energy show and transforms the viewing area. Advanced audiovisual technology with multimedia solutions ensures the entire audience will be connected and engaged throughout your entire event.

planet events offers live event production solutions with a unique mix of tried and true new and innovative techniques based on more than 30 years of experience and the latest that advanced technology has to offer.  As a seasoned event company in Singapore, we know how to customise your event stage and the entire venue to elevate your audience engagement and brand awareness. We have produced live and corporate events for some of the largest events in Singapore.

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